Extreme Duty Leakless Water Pump

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Special Features of the Extreme Duty Leakless

Model A Water Pump

(Sealed Bearings at the front and rear of the pump)

Machined for a sealed bearing at the front of the pump (fan end).

A machined stainless steel housing retains both the sealed bearing and the neoprene lip seal at the rear of the pump (impeller end).

A 17-4 ph stainless steel shaft is used, and has been heat treated to increase the hardness.

The stainless steel shaft is machined for a snap ring (fan end) to eliminate endplay.

Each pump is pressure tested for leaks.

Advantages of the Extreme Duty Leakless

Model A Water Pump

Modifications cannot be detected when the pump is installed.

This pump will never need lubrication.

This pump was designed to withstand the extreme fan belt tension used on alternators.

There is a Five (5) year warranty.

A new gasket, cotter key, woodruff key, and fan nut are supplied.

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